Post Surgical Private Duty Care

Many patients who have had surgery are not prepared to care for themselves following discharge from the hospital or outpatient surgery center.  Imagine if you or your family did not have to go through the recovery process alone.  Uptown Homecare provides professional surgery recovery services, customized to your individual needs.  Managed by an RN, our personalized service ensures that you will be able to recover comfortably without the stress of caring for yourself and your household.

You can select from a variety of services to ease your transition home and facilitate a speedy recovery:

  • Transportation – We can arrange transportation for your return home.  Our staff are available to accompany you if needed.
  • Arrival Home – Our staff can prepare for your arrival to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.
  • Post Surgical Care – Our staff will implement your doctor’s orders and watch for post surgical complications that could delay your recovery.
  • Physician Feedback – As your condition and needs change, we can inform your physician and relay your concerns.
  • Teaching – As your recovery progresses, we can teach you or another caregiver how to follow your doctor’s post surgical plan.
  • Personal Care – Our attendants can assist you with personal care, meal preparation or housekeeping.